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bondingDental bonding is used to repair any cracks or chips in your teeth, and is an ideal alternative to silver fillings. Dental bonding also has a cosmetic application, as it can be used to close any gaps or reshape misaligned teeth, providing you with a straighter, whiter smile. Bonding is the most common application of all of the cosmetic dental services, as it requires minimum alteration to your existing teeth, is completely reversible, and is relatively non-invasive.

Bonding may require anaesthetic to numb the area where the bonding will occur, and a rigorous cleaning operation will be needed prior to the procedure. The teeth to be bonded will then be separated from other teeth using a rubber dam, before any chips or cracks are sealed using the bonding agent. After the procedure, your teeth will be further inspected and cleaned once more, if necessary, to achieve a uniform look.

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