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ClearCorrect – The invisible, safe way to straighten teeth

A beautiful straight smile goes a long way to providing confidence to people both socially and professionally.

ClearCorrect is a comfortable, discreet path towards your perfect smile.

ClearCorrect teeth aligners are nearly invisible, comfortable and easily removable. Most people will not even be aware that you are wearing them, and you may even forget that you are wearing them yourself at times.

ClearCorrect aligners are easily removable, which means that when it’s time to eat you can discreetly slip them out of your mouth. You will also not need to adjust your diet as with other traditional braces, and brushing and caring your teeth will remain the same.

More severe cases of teeth misalignment may require regular metal braces, however the majority of cases can be treated with ClearCorrect. Your dental professional can advise you on these matters.

How does it work?

Your initial consultations will involve the taking of x-rays, scans and photographs of your teeth, and from there will be a discussion regarding the movement of your teeth, and how alignment will be reached.

A 3D model will be made, from which a custom fit, clear set of plastic aligners will be fitted to your teeth. Each part of the aligner will apply different pressure to your teeth, gradually moving them into alignment.

Your dentist will follow the movements of your teeth, and give you new sets of aligners throughout the progress of the straightening process.

Treatments generally take several months, however you will be able see improvements in the alignment of your teeth throughout this period.

What can ClearCorrect do for your teeth?

This treatment can improve the following issues with teeth:

  • Overbites
  • Overjet
  • Midline Misalignment
  • Crowding of teeth
  • Spacing of teeth

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