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Dentist Berwick – Family Friendly Dental clinic

Reliable and Economical Dental Care Clinic in Berwick.

Our dental clinic is now accepting new patients from Berwick, and we offer emergency treatment, and same day appointments in most cases. We can offer you a comprehensive approach to total family dental care, as well as friendly and courteous service. Our practice aims to not just treat recurring or emergency problems, but also focus on achieving optimum oral hygiene for the long term for both you and your family.

Our dentists in Berwick are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in their field, and will be the best people to talk to regarding your personal, oral health. Our dentists are also experts in being able to minimise the harm and initial onset of gingivitis, root canals, and other common, teeth related issues.

Orthodontics in Berwick

We are also accepting new patients, who are seeking professional orthodontic work. Our dentists are best placed to help you achieve that perfect, white smile, and will be able to suggest to you which particular option will provide you with the least amount of discomfort, as well as giving you a desirable result.

Our work in orthodontics uses some of the very latest in realignment technology available, designed to bring back your smile quicker, and with minimal discomfort and disruption. For the more traditional of orthodontic procedures, the dentists at our dental clinic seek to provide you with a hassle-free alternative. We also treat emergency dental needs.

Services at our Dental Clinic in Berwick

Periodic dental check-ups

Periodic examination and check-ups

We provide thorough and fully consultative examinations and checkups for all of our patients. We inspect for both the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws, aiming to prevent any problems from occurring before they become a severe issue.

Wisdom teeth extraction


Wisdom teeth extraction doesn’t have to be something to dread. Our expert dentists can provide you with a wisdom tooth extraction that will seek to minimise any discomfort or displeasure that you may feel.

General extractions


Likewise for general teeth extraction, we aim to remove any problem teeth as painlessly as possible. We take the utmost care with your mouth, and can also make sure that the tooth being removed doesn’t affect other areas of the mouth.



Our orthodontic work seeks to realign your teeth in the quickest and easiest way for you. No matter what age you are, it is possible to achieve that perfect, straight smile that you’ve always wanted, completely without discomfort.

Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry

Our restorative dentistry can repair the damage done over time to even the oldest set of teeth. We use the most tried and trusted of procedures to bring back your original smile, aiming to provide a hassle-free solution for you.

Aesthetic dentistry


We can provide you with aesthetic dental procedures that will restore the look of your smile. Whether you’re after veneer work, or a simple bonding procedure, our dentists will be able to clean and restore the whiteness of your teeth.

Teeth whitening


Our dentists are also adept at simple teeth whitening procedures, of which can be done very quickly and without any side-effects to your oral hygiene. Ask about our teeth whitening procedures in our dental clinic today.

Root canal


Our dentists can restore the health of your root canals, one of the most important aspects of optimum oral hygiene. Whether it be repairs or examinations of the root canal, we’ll be able to do both in a timely manner.

Dental implants

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? Our dental implant work has seen many people once again have the luxury of a full set of teeth. We can do the same for you, too, in both a safe and comfortable way, and one that will give you a great, overall look.



Bridges are a great alternative to dental implants for those who are seeking a non-invasive procedure to replace missing teeth or severely damaged ones. Our bridge work can be done quickly, and on a relatively cost-effective basis.

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry

Throughout all of the dental services that we offer, we always aim to diagnose the early signs of severe teeth and gum problems before they occur. We then treat the symptoms before they become a problem in the long term.



For repairs, general maintenance, or the fitting and creation of new dentures, talk to our leading dentists in Berwick. We use some of the most innovative and cutting edge technology to form our perfect fitting, highly comfortable dentures.

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Nice work, My experience at Eve Dental Centre was fantastic. I will highly recommend this dental clinic to my friends & family. The best dentists in Cranbourne.

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I am highly impressed by the impeccable skills and exemplary professionalism of Dr Kulwant Singh. I’d highly recommend this dental surgery to everyone.

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I recently had my root canal done from this centre.And have to say i been looked after with extreme care and i walked out very happy .I would highly reccomend this dental centre to everyone. Thanks for giving my smile back Mr Kulwant Singh.
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