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Dentist Clyde – Family Friendly Dental clinic

Affordable Dentist in Clyde Region

Our family friendly dentist in Clyde is accepting new patients from the area, providing all of the essential services needed to achieve perfect oral health. Our dentists can work around emergency dental situations, as well as providing same day appointments in most cases. We can also provide you with a full family dental care service, aiming to offer nothing less than a friendly approach to common dentistry needs.

Our dentists in Clyde North are highly experienced and will be able to consult with you on any aspect of your aim to achieve an optimum level of oral health. The dentists at our clinic also seek to diagnose early the symptoms of gingivitis, tooth decay, and other, serious issues before they become a problem.

Orthodontics in Clyde North

We are also accepting new patients in the area of Clyde that are wishing to have orthodontic work performed. Our team of dentists in Clyde North will be able to offer you a host of effective and comfortable teeth straightening procedures, including the latest in invisible braces; Invisalign.

Ultimately, our dentists work to provide you with a solution for straight teeth that is time effective, as well as completely comfortable and non-invasive. We can also work to make sure that you only get the very best of results for your orthodontic procedure, no matter what age you are, or the current alignment of your teeth.

Services at our Dental Clinic in Clyde

Periodic examination and check-ups

Periodic examination and check-ups

Our dentists treat regular examination and check-ups as a great way to make sure that your oral hygiene is of an optimum standard, as well as potentially diagnosing any symptoms that can lead to serious gum disease or tooth decay.

Wisdom teeth extraction


Our approach to wisdom tooth extraction is one of consideration for you, as well as providing you with an option for the least amount of discomfort possible. We also make sure that there is no lasting effects or infection after the procedure.

General extractions


Our dentists can extract teeth for you, either due to severe tooth decay or for other structural problems, in a way that will pose as little discomfort to you as possible. Our dentists undertake a completely safe and considerate approach.



Whether it be for conventional braces, or for more invisible and non-invasive treatments, our approach to orthodontics will deliver you that great, straight smile that you have always wanted. Ask us about our orthodontic work.

Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry

The restorative dentistry that we can produce at our clinic can repair even the most time worn and severely damaged of teeth. We have many options for restorative dentistry for each particular scenario, all of which are non-intrusive.

Aesthetic dentistry


Our aesthetic dentistry work aims to replicate that perfect smile that you have always wanted by offering you the very best in non-intrusive procedures. Our dentists are some of the leading experts in their field when it comes to bonding and veneers.

Teeth whitening


We can also provide you with the simplest of aesthetic procedures in cosmetic teeth whitening. We use only completely safe whitening procedures, of which will not compromise your oral hygiene, to restore your vibrant, white smile.

Root canal


We are the experts for the effective and safe treatment of all root canal related problems. Our procedure will prove to minimise discomfort, whilst helping to boost the overall health of your teeth.

Dental implants

Dental Implants

If you’re missing a tooth, we might be able to help. Dental implants are no longer the confronting procedures that they used to be, and our implants are designed to be hygienic, strong, and completely hassle-free.



Bridges are a hassle-free, safe, and non-intrusive way to cover over severely decayed, damaged, or chipped teeth. Best of all, bridges are largely hard to see, and our dentists will be able to create one for you with ease.

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry

Our dentists hold prevention and early diagnosis of severe teeth and gum diseases right at the forefront of their beliefs. For all of our patients, we aim to stop problems from ever occurring, as well as early treatment for existing symptoms.



Our denture work goes far beyond that of fitting new denture applications. We can provide you with repairs, full replacements, and even fine tuning your dentures so that you have a comfortable, perfect fit everytime.

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