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Our dental clinic is accepting new patients from the Narre Warren area, and is more than happy to provide you with a friendly, courteous, and patient centric approach. We specialise in complete family dental care, and our dentists in Narre Warren can also treat emergency dental needs. We can accommodate same day appointments, where possible, and we also provide a wide range of dentistry services, all contributing to making sure you have optimum oral health.

The dentists at our clinic are all highly experienced, and are the best people to talk to in regards to treatments, remedies, and any other dental concerns you may have. We can perform a thorough examination and clean of your mouth, where we aim to also diagnose early any signs of potentially serious issues.

Why choose us in Narre Warren

Our dentists in Narre Warren are some of the area’s leading orthodontic experts. We specialise in both conventional braces and the latest in invisible technology, which contains no wires or brackets. Each of our options are designed to be comfortable to wear, and largely non-intrusive to you during your daily routine.

We also aim to have the procedure completed in a relatively short time span, whilst also focusing on the quality of the end result. We also monitor the progress during this time, where we make any needed adjustments, further making sure of a great, straight smile at the finalisation of the orthodontic process.

Services at our Dental Clinic in Narre Warren

Periodic dental check-ups

Periodic examination and check-ups

Our dentists in Narre Warren pay a high degree of attention to detail during your regular examination and checkup. We want to get to know you better, as well as see if there are any serious issues that need to be taken care of.

Wisdom teeth extraction


Our wisdom tooth extraction service fully embodies our commitment to a patient centric approach. We aim to minimise any discomfort or pain that you may feel, and go to great lengths to be as considerate and as thoughtful as possible.

General extractions


We do the same for our general extractions, too, where we take great care to make sure that the whole process is as hassle free as possible. We also make sure that there is no structural damage to adjacent teeth following the procedure.



Our orthodontics work has helped many people from all walks of life in Narre Warren regain confidence through their brilliant, straight, white smile. Get in touch and ask us today what we can do for you in the way of orthodontic work.

Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry

Our restorative dentistry can reverse the damage of even the most time worn of teeth, giving you back the confidence that you need. All of our restorative procedures are completely safe, and are bound to deliver you great results.

Aesthetic dentistry


Aesthetic dentistry can repair chipped or cracked teeth through the use of either porcelain veneers or teeth bonding. Our dentists will be able to suggest to you which particular method will give you the right result for your particular needs.

Teeth whitening


Our teeth whitening is safe, easy to use, and requires a smaller timeframe to show visible effects than similar treatments of many years ago. Ask our dentists today about how our teeth whitening procedures work.

Root canal


Root canals are the most vital part of the tooth, and damage to them can pose significant problems for your oral health. Luckily, our dentists in Narre Warren are the leading specialists for root canal treatments in the area.

Dental implants

Dental Implants

We make dental implants that are designed to be reliable, comfortable, and, most of all, long lasting. What’s more, advancements in technology means that less drilling is required than from previous decades, making the process much more simpler.



Bridges are a quick and easy way to replace missing teeth, and our bridge work is designed to be durable and built to last. We can fashion bridges for you that will fit perfectly in your mouth, whilst also remain comfortable for you to wear.

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry

Our dental clinic is the leader in Narre Warren when it comes to effective preventive dentistry. We’ll be able to diagnose problems before they become a serious issue, treating the ailment and maintaining your perfect, oral health.



Need new dentures? We’ll be able to design and place in a new pair of dentures for you that will prove to be the perfect fit, whilst also minimising discomfort for you to wear on your daily routine. Our dentures are also made to last for a long time.

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Nice work, My experience at Eve Dental Centre was fantastic. I will highly recommend this dental clinic to my friends & family. The best dentists in Cranbourne.

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I am highly impressed by the impeccable skills and exemplary professionalism of Dr Kulwant Singh. I’d highly recommend this dental surgery to everyone.

I would highly reccomend this dental centre.

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I recently had my root canal done from this centre.And have to say i been looked after with extreme care and i walked out very happy .I would highly reccomend this dental centre to everyone. Thanks for giving my smile back Mr Kulwant Singh.
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