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5 Types of Braces for Straightening of Teeth

There are various ways of teeth straightening. The common dental treatment used by the dentist during emergency dental services is the use of braces. The best braces one can have with the affordable price with the help of Eve Dental Centre which provide you with the best treatments of braces. There are different types of braces used by there dentist which are mentioned below and their use also differs with the type of patients.

Types of Braces
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Different Types of Braces

  • Metal Braces – These are the strong and rigid braces which are used by the patients. In this type of braces, metal wires are used on the teeth which put pressure on the Teeth Whitening and helps in there alignment. These wires are tightened at specific periods like weekly or monthly. Therefore, in last helps in straightening of the teeth. For long term benefit Dentist Cranbourne North suggest these braces to the patients.
  • Invisalign – These are the most common braces recommended by dentist Cranbourne for the children especially teens. These braces give natural look to your teeth and one cannot identify that the patient had opted for braces. These dental braces are clear and transparent and match with the teeth color. For the ones who want to give natural look your teeth can opt for these type of braces.
  • Damon Braces – These braces are best to use as one can adjust these type of braces themselves. These braces always make use of the special mechanism that is a slide mechanism which helps in adjusting these braces. These braces make use of the elastic wires that put pressure on the teeth so that they can be adjusted and can come at your place. Moreover, these braces give the best result in less time itself. Therefore, for the ones who want to opt braces without pain then can opt for these type of braces without any issue.
  • Palatal Expanders – These are the type of braces but are not actually braces. These are used in case of the small kids who are not able to have braces fitted in their mouth. These are the type of palatal expanders which are used for the alignment of the molars and premolars in the mouth. These braces put pressure on the back of the molars and premolars.
  • Forsus Appliances – These are another type of braces especially for the children. In this type of braces, springs are attached and when these are placed in the mouth. The spring in these braces put pressure on the teeth, thus helps them to keep straight. These can be easily used for the upper and lower teeth. This first help in the movement of backward teeth, thus put pressure on the lower and upper back teeth.

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Best Dental Care Services
Best Dental Care Services

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If you are annoyed with your overcrowded and misaligned teeth, they can get rid of these by the use of different types of braces recommended by Dentist Cranbourne North. For having the above-given braces one can contact Eve Dental Centre as they provide you with the best treatments.