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6 Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Teeth At Home

Dental and oral care is a must! You may brush your teeth twice daily but that’s always not enough to ensure the best care for your teeth at home.

There are few things that must be done to take care of your teeth at home which will eventually prevent the need for frequent visits to dentists.

Reasons Why You Must Take Dental Care At Home Seriously

The fact that dental hygiene is important to have a great smile isn’t enough a reason to take care of your teeth at home seriously.

A number of health issues are actually connected to dental health which you take you by surprise.

Good dental care will prevent the following health issues while neglecting your teeth will give way to the problems mentioned below.

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  • Infection
  • Bone diseases and bone loss
  • Gum disease
  • Heart disease
  • Strokes and so on

Tips for taking care of your teeth at home

The right way to do brush your teeth

Brushing must be done so that the gum line and the tooth will be in contact with the bristles. The brush must be held at a 45-degree angle.

The inside of the mouth must be cleaned properly including the tongue surface and mouth roof.

Regular flossing

Along with brushing, flossing is equally important as it does what normal brushing can’t do.

Flossing removes those unreachable food particles which the bristles of the toothbrush can’t. Flossing at least once a day is recommended.

Coffee, soda and alcohol intake must be limited

Coffee, sodas, and alcohol may contain phosphorus which is actually good for oral health but these drinks should be within limits as the excess of phosphorus may lead to calcium depletion.

Calcium depletion will make your teeth decay and lead to gum disease. Often beverages containing food dyes and other ingredients cause discoloration of the teeth by robbing its natural enamel.

Avoid tobacco completely

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Tobacco is in no way good for health and it’s a major cause of cancer. Therefore, avoid tobacco completely as it harms your oral hygiene in a very bad way.

Take calcium supplements and also foods that are rich in calcium and other nutrients

As you grow older especially women tend to lose calcium from the body which becomes a major reason for deteriorating bone health and also tooth decay.

Indulge in calcium supplements and also foods that will provide enough calcium along with other nutrients.

Such foods include dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese and so on. Vitamin D and Vitamin B complex are essential in maintaining proper oral health by fortifying the gums and teeth.

Other minerals include copper, iron, zinc, iodine, and phosphorus which are essential for good oral health.

Use a good mouthwash

A good mouthwash with chlorine dioxide will kill germs, bacteria and make your mouth smell and feel good.

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