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Baby Tooth Eruption – How Your Baby’s Teeth Develop

Parents of young children routinely worry about how their child’s permanent teeth are developing or how will the baby tooth eruption. They want to know if they child needs braces. Here are some tips to know that how your baby’s teeth develop? Have a look into it –

Baby Tooth Eruption

How Your Baby’s Teeth Develop?

We can’t tell very exactly whether a child will need braces until the permanent cuspids begin to show about age 10. When the permanent incisors come in they usually come into the inside of the baby teeth, and appear to be coming in wrong. Don’t worry, once the baby tooth is lost the permanent tooth will usually find its way into the right place. 

We don’t usually remember our first permanent teeth, but we do remember how our latter permanent teeth came in the molars. They have forked roots, as opposed to the single “carrot like” roots of the incisors. The forked roots of baby molars enclose, and guide the molars right into place beneath them. Incisors can’t do this, and the body has to have them come in beside the baby tooth. It’s hard to believe, but the equilibrium reached between the forces of the tongue, and the lips will guide them into place. Unless there is an imbalance of these forces. Some of those imbalances are below. 

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Tongue thrust-improper swallowing which must be re-taught by a speech therapist. Mouth breathing- perhaps caused by allergies, or enlarged tonsils. (Can contribute to quite bad decay if the teeth are not kept moist as normal.)

Jaws not properly aligned- need the help of an orthodontist, and/or oral surgeon. Contact with Eve Dental Centre’ dentist for the best dental treatment.

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