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Dental bonding will surely build your confidence if you have chipped or cracked teeth and it is the ideal alternative to silver fillings. Tooth bonding is done to repair teeth, dentists apply a tooth-colored composite resin to repair the damaged teeth. It is the most common application of all cosmetic dental services, as it requires minimum alteration to your existing teeth, is completely reversible, and is relatively non-invasive.

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Preparations for Teeth Bonding

Tooth bonding does not require any special preparations, you just need to consult your dentist before the process to know if you are the perfect candidate for the bonding treatment or not. The procedure of tooth bonding may not work sometimes if your teeth have been damaged or decayed severely.

Procedure of Dental Bonding

Firstly the dentist of Eve Dental Center will discuss and approve your dental aspirations. The dentist will choose the composite resin color to match the color of your teeth. After that, they may require local anesthetic to numb the area where the bonding will occur, and a cleaning process will be needed prior to the procedure. The teeth to be bonded will then be separated from other teeth using a rubber dam before any chips or cracks are sealed using the bonding agent. After the procedure, your teeth will be further inspected and cleaned once more, if necessary, to achieve a uniform look.

Why is Teeth Grinding Harmful?

In critical cases, teeth grinding may result in excessive chipping, fractures and even sometimes may lead to loosening of teeth. In such cases, you must seek a dentist so as to tackle the situation as soon as possible to prevent further damage. The dentist may repair your teeth with fillings, crowning, implants, root canals, or any other treatment.
In gentle cases, teeth grinding may damage the teeth by causing cracks in the tooth enamel. These minor cracks must also be treated soon so as to prevent the damage and breakdown of the whole teeth. Continuous grinding of the teeth may weaken the surface of the teeth and increase the sensitivity to hot and cold.

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