Clear Aligners or Smile Styler

Clear Aligners or Smile Styler is the non-invasive, practically invisible way of ensuring a straight, healthy smile without needing braces. Using a series of clear aligners that are not visible from the outside, your teeth will be perfectly straightened whilst allowing you to eat and drink without the concerns that conventional braces provide.

Clear Aligners or Smile Styler sets have no wires whatsoever and are manufactured using the latest, state-of-the-art 3D modeling processes. A unique aspect of the Clear Aligners or Smile Styler procedure allows you to view how your teeth will look at different stages, enabling you to see for yourself how the process will affect your current teeth.


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How does Clear Aligners or Smile Styler Work?

You will be provided with a set of different aligners, each tailored for specific stages of the aligning process. Wearing each set for a maximum of two weeks, your teeth will begin to move and straighten on their own. The process tends to take around anything in between 9 to 15 months, and your aligners can be removed freely during this time for any reason whatsoever.

Usually, you are provided with between 18 to 30 sets of aligners for the duration, however, this differs depending on the initial angle and condition of your teeth.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners


Clear aligners are designed to be smooth and comfortable. So that they can fit well inside your lips and cheeks. You might experience tightness for the first few weeks but, it’s completely normal because it’s the pressure that is gently aligning your teeth.

Easy to clean

If you’re someone who wears fixed braces you know how difficult it is to brush around them and if you don’t clean your teeth properly you will be at risk of decalcification and tooth decay. However, in case of clear aligners it’s quite easy to clean them, simply take them out to reach all the surfaces of the teeth.

They’re invisible

The best part of clear aligners is that they’re invisible. There is no mouthful of clunky metal wires and brackets to show. While they are hard to spot from far, friends will have to get uncomfortably close to spot them.