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Fluorides Treatments

Fluorides-TreatmentsFluoride is a naturally occurring, chemical compound found in most minerals, as well as many foods and normal drinking water. Because of the properties it exhibits in its chemical compound, fluoride can protect and strengthen your teeth against tooth decay and food acids. A diet that consists of fluoride will normally result in a healthier mouth.

Fluoride helps to reinforce the enamel around your teeth, which are essentially mineral crystals. Plaque bacteria and sugars attack and weaken the enamel, in a process called demineralisation. Regular toothpaste will possess a quantity of fluoride, as too will any substance that has calcium in it, such as milk.

Fluoride intake is critical for developing mouths, and can be utilised by:

  • Consuming high quantity fluoride foods and drinks, as well as fluoride supplements
  • Fluoride based toothpaste and mouthwashes

Fluoride treatments are most effective for children with numerous cavities or those who are prone to cavities, helping to strengthen the growing enamel and encourage more mineral crystals to form. Fluoride treatment is an easy, simple process that will be recommended and practiced by your dentist, when necessary.

Generally, fluoride treatments consist of:

  • Thorough cleaning of the teeth and entire mouth
  • Application of a high concentrate fluoride gel, which covers your teeth and is left there for a pre-determined amount of time

Your dentist can also prescribe you fluoride supplements, which will also aid in the reinforcement of your teeth. It is important that after the procedure, no food or drink is to be consumed for at least 30 minutes.

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