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A smile is often the first thing that people notice in one another, and whether it’s professionally or socially, an attractive smile goes a long way.

With Cfast treatment, you will get a straight smile that will give you confidence that comes from being able to smile without worry, and it only takes six months!

The new, exciting Cfast treatment focuses on your six front teeth, otherwise known as the “Social Six”.

Through the use of tooth-coloured braces and wires, the Cfast treatment will gently straighten your six front teeth, leaving you with that perfect smile that you’ve always wanted.

How does Cfast treatment work?

By using NiTi (nickel titanium) wires to straighten up your front teeth, Cfast pulls with a force that is tighter than normal braces to produce a faster straightening of your teeth, that is more comfortable.

What makes it faster than regular braces?

Cfast focuses on straightening the front six teeth that make up the majority of your smile. Traditional orthodontics place focus on all of your teeth, while also placing focus on the position of your bite.

By focusing on the teeth that account for a beautiful smile, Cfast gets the job done quicker, and more affordably.

How do I keep my teeth straight once the Cfast treatment is taken off?

Once the treatment is over, a retainer will be given to you that you will wear as directed that will keep your teeth straightened in their perfect position.

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