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Many people occasionally grind their teeth without facing any dental complications. Teeth grinding also known as bruxism is continuous clenching of teeth which may further cause dental issues and even wear down of the tooth enamel. Usually, people experience this during the night while sleeping. But you don’t have to worry at all as your Local Dentist Cranbourne we offer dental care service at a competitive price.


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What Happens When A Teeth Grind?

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common occurrence, and normally happens during sleep, leaving those suffering from teeth grinding completely unaware of the problem. When waking up, there are certain symptoms of bruxism, such as:

  • Constant earaches.
  • Any pain in the lower jaw.
  • Pain and discomfort in the cheek region.
  • Any noticeable sleeping disorders.
  • Increased sensitivity to either hot or cold drinks and food.

Eve Dental Centre offers dental service bruxism treatment Hampton and other dental treatments and Grinding Appliances at Dental Checkup Berwick, Cranbourne North, Narre Warren, Clyde, Clyde North, Pakenham, Hampton Park, Lynbrook, Doveton, Hallam, call us now for any dental assistance.

Why Does A Teeth Grind?

Bruxism occurs when the human jaw naturally tries to compensate for an imperfect bite action, such as an overbite. Strong jaw clenching is an immediate symptom of bruxism, and can cause extreme pain and discomfort, whilst also damaging your teeth. Stress can also cause teeth grinding.

Why is Teeth Grinding Harmful?

In critical cases, teeth grinding may result in excessive chipping, fractures and even sometimes may lead to loosening of teeth. In such cases, you must seek a dentist so as to tackle the situation as soon as possible to prevent further damage. The dentist may repair your teeth with fillings, crowning, implants, root canals, or any other treatment.
In gentle cases, teeth grinding may damage the teeth by causing cracks in the tooth enamel. These minor cracks must also be treated soon so as to prevent the damage and breakdown of the whole teeth. Continuous grinding of the teeth may weaken the surface of the teeth and increase the sensitivity to hot and cold.

What Will Happen if it is Left Untreated?

If Bruxism, left untreated it will cause your jaw to bite down harder and harder each time, effectively eroding the enamel on the surface of your teeth. Using a mouthguard is a temporary solution to excessive teeth grinding, as this will prevent tooth-on-tooth pressure. Your dentist may also recommend that adjustments be made to your teeth to perfect the bite action of your mouth and eliminate the risk of bruxism altogether. call us anytime for Grinding Appliances treatments.