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Helpful Nighttime Tips For The Improved Oral Hygiene

Do you dream of spotless and pearly white teeth? Well, who does not? Of course, it’s possible if you pay a little more attention than just brushing the teeth. Oral health is the major factor that usually becomes the hurdle between you and your dream of pearly white teeth. A poor oral hygiene not only affects your teeth but your health miserably.  Bad oral hygiene can lead to diabetes, heart-related problems, lung infection and can create a complication during pregnancy. Hence, maintaining a good oral hygiene can help you stay healthier by reducing the risk of numerous disease.Oral Hygiene

A good hygiene includes some important nighttime tips, which you must follow. 8 hours is a long time and bacteria present in your mouth know it well. During your sleeping hours, the bacteria gather on your teeth and cause serious problems like plaque, tartar. and cavity. If you don’t want such problems (which is obvious) and pay a heavy amount to a Dentist for the treatment, you have to follow the below mentioned Nighttime tips.

Here are the tips you should follow before going to bed:


You must have heard from your parents or elders or teachers in the school to brush your teeth before bed. This is not hard to understand why they used to say so. The food and drinks you take throughout the day, make a perfect environment for bacterial growth in your oral cavity, so it is indeed important to brush your teeth at night. Brushing teeth before bed reduces the bacterial attack and prevent problems like plaque, cavity, gum disease, decay and more.

Right Technique

If you brush regularly, but not doing it in the right motion, there is not any benefit. For a good oral health, using the right technique is equally important. The proper technique is to brush the teeth in the circular motion, back and forth in the short strokes. First, brush the outer surface and then the inner surface of the teeth, and then chewing surfaces. Stroke up and down in a gentle manner to brush the backs of front teeth.Right Technique For Oral Hygine

Use Electric Brush

What makes an electric brush different from a regular brush? The rotating and oscillating head. An electric brush removes plaque from the teeth more effectively. Make sure you buy the electric brush which is easy to use and has a rotatable head.


Don’t leave the entire job to brushing only. Flossing is the best way to get rid of the plaque between the teeth and keep them in a good condition. You should do flossing once in a day, and bedtime is considered the best. Many people have the confusion, whether the flossing should be done before or after brushing. Let us tell you, it hardly makes any difference. If you really are particular and want to know, flossing before brushing is more effective. Floss eliminates the particles, and debris stuck between the teeth and brushing can remove it away.

Use a mouthwash

Besides fresh breath, mouthwash help removing bacteria and strengthen the teeth. Here we are not talking about the commercial mouthwash, which only is designed to cover the bad breath. Using a therapeutic mouthwash can heal several oral problem and remove the bad breath as well.

Be Regular with Dental Check-Ups

Regular Dental Checkups
Being regular with your dentists for checkups can help maintain your oral health in the long run. Preventive care that you receive by the dentist is also needed for a good oral hygiene.

Local Dentist

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