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How Sugar Affects Your Teeth?

How to Remove Sugar Affects Your Teeth?
How to Remove Sugar Affects Your Teeth?

If you are thinking to cut down sugar then you’re going on the right track. Sugar not only affect dental health but it also causes other health problem as well, such as food high in sugar causes obesity, increased risk of heart stroke and kidney problems also increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Diet with high in sugar is harmful to health in many ways.

However, sugar is present in almost all the food items which we eat on daily basis. The more you eat sugar in your food, the more you increase the chances of developing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. And the most common dental problem in Cranbourne and Clyde is tooth decay, almost 90% of the citizens have experienced this disease in their lifetime. And the reason behind tooth loss is gum disease.

A good and healthy oral hygiene is a result of psychological well-being and quality of life. Knowing how bad is sugar, can help you in making a concrete decision to improve good oral health.

24 Hour Dentist Service
24 Hour Dentist Service

How bad is sugar for teeth?

The teeth don’t directly damage because of sugar. It’s the acid which is released by the bacteria, which already coexist in the mouth. The problem arises when you start consuming more sugar, the bacteria produce more acid by consuming sugar, which results in tooth decay. These bacteria convert sugar into acids, which eventually damages the tooth enamel. As you know that tooth enamel is an outer protective layer of the tooth, which prevents the tooth from decaying when the protective layer is diminished.

If you feel any pain, temperature sensation or notice any white, yellow and brown bands in your teeth. It’s a symptom of tooth decay.

Tooth decay should be managed on time if you ignore the problem, it can develop cavities, which causes more problem. You should start seeing a dentist, he might suggest you, to go for filling or root canal treatment. This treatment will restore your teeth back to normal, however, if the tooth is heavily decayed, the dentist will remove it, so that other teeth won’t be affected.

Some disease for example gingivitis can be cure by maintaining good oral health. But disease which has been developed to advanced stage needs serious attention.

How Bad is Sugar for Teeth
How Bad is Sugar for Teeth

The problem in gums.

If your gums seem red or swollen and you feel a little bit of itchiness and bleeding through your gums when you brush. It’s a sign of gum problem, some people also feel bad taste and bad breath, this is also a warning of a gum related problem. Before the problem becomes worse, one should seek help from a dentist. There are many dentists available you can seek help from. If you’re looking for dentist Cranbourne and dentist Clyde, then look no further Eve Dental Centre has the best dentist, who has been treating patients from years. Eve Dental Centre Provides 24-hours dentist Cranbourne. We’re always available for any consultation at any time.

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