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inlay-overlayInlays and onlays are a suitable alternative to silver fillings, and can be used to rebuild teeth that have suffered severe trauma or decay. Inlays and onlays are crafted to fit the mould of your tooth, rather than the old fillings which were placed inside the tooth and set. Inlays are used to fit inside the tooth for severe decay, whilst onlays are used to rebuild the outside structure of the tooth.

Your inlays and onlays can be constructed using either porcelain, gold or a composite material, and your dentist will consult with you and let you know which particular material will be best suited for your needs.

Inlay and onlay fittings generally require a minimum of two appointments, the first of which will be to ensure that any inlays or onlays fitted will be uniform with your current mouth action and functionality. The second appointment will be the actual fitting appointment, and will be a direct consultation with you to ensure that you are happy with your new look and that there is no discomfort in your mouth function.

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