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Affordable Orthodontics in Clyde, Berwick, Pakenham

Orthodontics are used to improve and enhance the structure and angle of your smile. Through a series of alterations made over a certain period of time, you can have the perfect, straight smile that you’ve always wanted. Orthodontics come in a wide variety of non-invasive methods, some of which are almost completely invisible to the naked eye.

Situations or people where orthodontics will be suggested as a remedy include:

  • Children, to aid their mouth and teeth to form as they should.
  • Correcting teeth structure that have suffered severe trauma.
  • Preventative measures against gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Aiding those with limited mobility to make their teeth easier to access and clean.

Orthodontics methods

At Eve Dental, our professional orthodontics specialists use two teeth alignment methods: Conventional braces, and Clear Aligners, Smile Styler. Both are designed to make the process as hassle and irritation free as possible. Should you be unsure on which method would best suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly dental consultants today.

We are accepting new patients for orthodontics from all over the Casey region, including Berwick, Clyde, Cranbourne, Hampton Park, and Pakenham.

Conventional braces

Conventional braces come as either a fixed or removable application. They are designed primarily to realign the teeth, and hold them in place, making the process a permanent one. These braces are clearly visible, and can limit the wearer to a certain routine or a strict diet.

Clear Aligners, Smile Styler

Clear Aligners, Smile Styler braces are the latest in nearly invisible technology. The braces themselves are completely removable, and the wearer will be given a different set for each stage of the process. Clear Aligners, Smile Styler braces also require no changes to the user’s daily routine.

Our service areas include: Berwick, Hampton Park, Pakenham and other suburbs.

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