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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain-VeneersPorcelain veneers are a thin layer that can be applied to your teeth to mask the existing enamel on your teeth, providing a bright, white smile in most cases. Veneers are useful for masking permanently stained teeth, or closing diastemas’ – gaps that have emerged in between your teeth. Veneers are also useful in providing your teeth with an aligned appearance, and in filling in gaps where cracks or chips in the teeth have occurred.

The procedure of applying veneers to your mouth normally takes up to two appointments, and is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to improve the appearance of your natural smile. Each veneer fitted by our dental technicians is individually created to fit the uniform appearance of your existing teeth.

Your first appointment will be the preparation appointment, and will entail the following:

  • Anaesthesia will be used to numb the area where the veneers will be placed
  • The existing teeth will be grinded down to make way for the veneer placement
  • An impression is taken of your existing teeth, to monitor how your teeth will bite down when the veneers are in place
  • Your dentist, under certain circumstances, may fit temporary veneers during this time
  • The impression is sent to our dental laboratory, where our technician will manufacture your new porcelain veneers

The final appointment, or the fit appointment, is where your veneers will be fitted to your existing teeth. The steps in this procedure are:

  • Thoroughly cleaning your existing teeth, removing any temporary veneers that were fitted previously
  • Fitting your new veneers with a holding paste that will allow the veneers to placed accurately
  • Once the veneer placement has been confirmed, they will be removed and your veneers will be permanently placed using a dental adhesive

Your veneers are capable of lasting for a very long time, however, this also depends on the amount of care that you give them. Your oral hygiene must be of an adequate standard, and brushing and flossing will be required at least twice a day. It is also recommended that you refrain from habitual processes, such as biting your nails or pens, or opening bottle tops with your teeth, as this can harm your veneers.

It is also recommended that you visit the doctor regularly, at least twice a year, to monitor the health of your new, porcelain veneers.

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