Sleeping Gas Dentistry


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Eve Dental understands that many people either find going to the dental clinic a daunting experience, or prefer a procedure that doesn’t require the use of needles. Eve Dental can help alleviate your concerns with our sleeping gas treatment, sedating you completely during the entire procedure.

Quality Sleeping Gas Dentists

Our sleeping gas treatment is very similar to its use in common hospital surgeries, and allows for a more relaxed and pleasurable experience for the patient. It can also aid dentists when dealing with patients who are uncomfortable with dental procedures, allowing them to work with as little distraction as possible.

Call Eve Dental today on (03) 9702 0234 to find out more about how our sleeping dentistry works, and how it can benefit you. Your dentist cranbourne north can thoroughly explain the scenarios when sleeping gas treatment will most benefit you, and whether it is applicable for the type of surgery that you require.