Sport Mouthguard

A sports mouthguard is a device used for protecting your teeth’ blows of mouth, jaws, and head. It is a crucial part of the sports athlete that participates in sports or games that may cause injury to the player’s mouth. Contemporary mouthguards are made from ethylene vinyl acetate, which is a durable and easily malleable substance, that will perfectly fit the makeup of your teeth.

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Advantages of a Sports Mouthguard

Mouthguards are the most effective way to minimize the risk of severe trauma during sporting matches, helping to protect your teeth, lips, and cheeks from any damage as a result of a knock or hit. Mouthguards have also been found to help prevent concussions and any serious damage to your neck.

How Long Sports Mouthguard Last?

Ideally, you should replace your Sports Mouthguard every season, so two dental checkups per six months are necessary for athletes.

How to get customized Sports Mouthguard?

Your Dentist Cranbourne North will take an impression of your teeth as you bite downwards, and then manufacture a mouthguard that perfectly fits and reinforces the upper section of your teeth. Mouthguards require replacement after a certain amount of time, and your dentist can check the health of your mouthguard on your next check-up.