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When Can A Tooth Extraction Treatment Become Necessary?

Our teeth help us in a lot of ways, without them we can not enjoy delicious or nutrition rich meal, but sometimes our teeth becomes weak and deceased. At this point your dentist will recommend you to have a tooth extraction. In this treatment an infected tooth is pulled apart from the jaw bone, in order to stop the infection further.

Local anesthesia is given to the patient to make the procedure not painful. However, there are other cases as well when your Best Dentist in Berwick would recommend you to have the tooth extraction treatment. Suc cases are:

  • Severe tooth decay or trauma.
  • To alleviate crowding.
  • Baby teeth removal to make space for permanent teeth.
  • Incase of wisdom teeth.
  • Certain gum disease.
  • To facilitate dentures.
Dental Treatment Services
Dental Treatment Services

Here are Common Symptoms Which Makes The Dentist to Perform The Tooth Extraction.

We all have bacteria in our mouth, some are good and some are bad, some types of bacteria produces acid this acid dissolves the enamel. Thus, the more the consistency of acid, the more tooth decay will occur inside the mouth. When all the bacteria combines together, they develop a layer of plaque on the surface of the tooth, if it’s not cleaned by brushing or flossing, the acid dissolves the mineral crystal present on the surface which makes the tooth enamel. As a result of this small hole starts to develop on the tooth, which is also known as cavities and tooth decay starts to occur. This can lead to minot to severe dental problems and if not treated, it can infect the teeth which leads to tooth extraction.

What Happens During The Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Tooth extraction is a very common procedure in dentistry. The procedure is not that complex, however, the procedure requires examination. If the damage is not severe, your dentist may recommend root canal or some other dental treatment to stop the infection from further spreading. But if there is no other option available, the last resort is tooth extraction.

During the procedure your dentist or oral surgeon may or may not give you an antibiotic, depending on the circumstances. Afterwards, the dentist will make the area numb using local anaesthetic, then he will perform the further procedure.

In case if the tooth is wisdom teeth, then he will first remove gum and bone tissue covering to carefully remove the tooth from jaw bone and ligaments. Forcep is used to gently remove the tooth, he will move the tooth back and forth to loosen it then remove it. Dentist may also do self dissolving stitches to close the gum over the extraction area, he may also place a bone graft in order to safeguard the socket, which can be used later to replace the natural tooth with a dental implant or to support a denture or partial denture.

Best Dentist Service
Best Dentist Service

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How does your Mouth Affect your Health

There is the common saying of ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’, but did you know that this also applies to all parts of the body? If all parts of your body are not ‘properly dressed’, then you would not be addressed properly and would most times be shunned. What does it now mean for parts of the body to be ‘properly dressed’? This simply means they should be properly taken care of and groomed. Taking care of different parts of our body should be a top priority as they constitute to make you a complete package as a person. The mouth is not left out when talking about parts of the body that needs to be taken care of!

There can be no oral communication without the mouth, hence the need for your mouth to be properly taken care of and groomed. No one would pay heed to you if your mouth is not hygienic, and not only would this affect your people relationships and self-esteem, it would also affect your health! Yes, the mouth has an effect on your health.  

Emergency Dental Services
Emergency Dental Services

How the Mouth Affects Your Health

In as much as this should not be a secret, many people fail to realize that an unhealthy mouth is extremely dangerous for the body system as a whole because your mouth is the gateway to your body. Once you have an unhealthy mouth, it is easy to access other parts of your body.

If you have a deficiency in your oral health such as infections, it starts off with your gums leaving them weak, which could also lead to inflammation of the gums. Are you also aware that any inflammation that occurs in the mouth could lead to inflammation of the blood vessels? And hope you realize the medical implications of an inflammation of the blood vessels? Not to put your hearts in overdrive, but what starts out as a little inflammation in your mouth area could lead to inflammation of blood vessels, which then could culminate in a heart attack!!!

Asides inflammation, tooth fractures which many people tag as ‘simple’ and tend to overlook also have dangerous effects on the body. This ‘simple’ or ‘minor’ tooth fracture when ignored tends to cause anemia and high blood pressure. Are you also aware that issues with the gum could result in diabetes? Did you also know that there is something like oral cancer? All these and more have dangerous effects on your body system!

Are you still ignoring your oral health? In case you have never taken oral hygiene seriously before, start doing so from today!

Taking Care of Your Mouth

When the care of the mouth is mentioned, the general idea that tends to hit many people is having pearly white teeth and fresh breath. However, it goes a whole lot beyond that. Your piehole is a place that needs adequate attention. As an individual, you need to know the details of your body including your mouth. You should be so familiar with the mouth area that you can spot out when something unusual starts occurring there.

Many people tend to be ignorant, and issues start off as minor in their mouths with them being aware of it. It starts off gradually, and like a tortoise, it continues slowly and steadily till it results in numerous complications. It is at this stage that individuals start noticing that something is off, and start looking for professionals to help them out. However, at that stage, it might be too late or treatment might be so costly and definitely break your bank accounts. This could have easily been prevented if you were familiar and paid close attention to your mouth. 

After carrying out your mouth hygiene routine daily, try to stand in front of a mirror and look into your mouth. Take note of everything and look at your gums also to ensure that there is nothing unusual. If you do this regularly and make it a habit of yours, you would be sure to notice whenever something is not right within your mouth. 

Taking Care Of Your Mouth
Taking Care Of Your Mouth

Call for Professionals

In the bid to properly care for your mouth and oral health, you should also ensure to always pay a regular visit to the dental office for Emergency Dental Services. Having more than one eye checking your mouth proves to be effective in keeping your oral health and general body health in good shape. What’s your excuse for not calling Dentist Pakenham yet? Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!
Eve Dental Centre are always here to help keep your mouth and oral health in good shape, to ensure your entire well-being is perfect.

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