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How To Stop Toothache?

A toothache is not a condition rather it’s a symptom, therefore whenever you have a toothache, it’s better to go to the dentists. The dentist would be able to find out the reason behind a toothache and treat it effectively. Sometimes even a mild toothache is a sign of tooth decay or germs. Therefore it’s good to have the treatment for the pain.

However, to control the pain in the meantime, you can follow some simple & easy steps. A toothache happens because of several factors including tooth decay, a damaged filling, a tooth fracture, infected gums or an abscessed tooth. Without the proper treatment, you’ll suffer more with other serious complication also tooth disease spread and it can damage the bone which supports the tooth. Thus, if your teeth show these symptoms it’s better to reach out to Emergency Dentist Services.

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Fever with pain
  • A swollen, red bump in the mouth
  • Blood or puss
  • Throbbing pain
  • Unpleasant or salty taste in the mouth
  • Swollen face or jaw

These symptoms are the indication of serious tooth disease, therefore, it’s better to show up to a Dentist Clyde or Dentist Cranbourne.

Toothache Services
Toothache Services

Here Are Some Easy Steps To Control The Pain.

You can try these methods to stop the pain meanwhile in order to stop the pain for a while. If the pain doesn’t go, immediately go to the dentists Clyde or dentists Cranbourne.

  • Salt Water.

    Saltwater numbs the gum and allows the more blood flow in the mouth. Therefore rinse your mouth with salt water, warm glass of water and add one teaspoon of salt. Take a sip and clean your mouth with it, do swallow the salt water just keep spitting it.

  • Hot Packs.

    Hot packs also help in reducing the pain, place the hot pack on the side of your jaw and keep it there for a while. Continue doing this, in case you don’t have a hot pack, you can make a one. Add two fist of rice in a sock and tye another end of it. Place the sock in the microwave, apply it then on the affected area.

  • Acupressure.

    Some studies have shown that acupressure is effective in treating pain, during acupressure the body releases endorphins which helps in tolerating the pain. You can check the internet to do the acupressure on your own, there are some points which regulates the action of the nervous system.

  • Peppermint Teabags.

    Peppermint bags can help in ease the pain, it numbs the area when coming in contact with the pain affected area. It’s widely recommended to cool the teabags before using it.

    All the above method is to provide temporary Tooth Pain Relief, it’s better to take care of your teeth. By regularly brushing and flossing you can maintain Good Oral Health, Oral Hygiene and avoid any tooth related problems.

    Tooth Pain Relief
    Tooth Pain Relief

Reach Out To Eve Dental Care.

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How Sugar Affects Your Teeth?

How to Remove Sugar Affects Your Teeth?
How to Remove Sugar Affects Your Teeth?

If you are thinking to cut down sugar then you’re going on the right track. Sugar not only affect dental health but it also causes other health problem as well, such as food high in sugar causes obesity, increased risk of heart stroke and kidney problems also increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Diet with high in sugar is harmful to health in many ways.

However, sugar is present in almost all the food items which we eat on daily basis. The more you eat sugar in your food, the more you increase the chances of developing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. And the most common dental problem in Cranbourne and Clyde is tooth decay, almost 90% of the citizens have experienced this disease in their lifetime. And the reason behind tooth loss is gum disease.

A good and healthy oral hygiene is a result of psychological well-being and quality of life. Knowing how bad is sugar, can help you in making a concrete decision to improve good oral health.

24 Hour Dentist Service
24 Hour Dentist Service

How bad is sugar for teeth?

The teeth don’t directly damage because of sugar. It’s the acid which is released by the bacteria, which already coexist in the mouth. The problem arises when you start consuming more sugar, the bacteria produce more acid by consuming sugar, which results in tooth decay. These bacteria convert sugar into acids, which eventually damages the tooth enamel. As you know that tooth enamel is an outer protective layer of the tooth, which prevents the tooth from decaying when the protective layer is diminished.

If you feel any pain, temperature sensation or notice any white, yellow and brown bands in your teeth. It’s a symptom of tooth decay.

Tooth decay should be managed on time if you ignore the problem, it can develop cavities, which causes more problem. You should start seeing a dentist, he might suggest you, to go for filling or root canal treatment. This treatment will restore your teeth back to normal, however, if the tooth is heavily decayed, the dentist will remove it, so that other teeth won’t be affected.

Some disease for example gingivitis can be cure by maintaining good oral health. But disease which has been developed to advanced stage needs serious attention.

How Bad is Sugar for Teeth
How Bad is Sugar for Teeth

The problem in gums.

If your gums seem red or swollen and you feel a little bit of itchiness and bleeding through your gums when you brush. It’s a sign of gum problem, some people also feel bad taste and bad breath, this is also a warning of a gum related problem. Before the problem becomes worse, one should seek help from a dentist. There are many dentists available you can seek help from. If you’re looking for dentist Cranbourne and dentist Clyde, then look no further Eve Dental Centre has the best dentist, who has been treating patients from years. Eve Dental Centre Provides 24-hours dentist Cranbourne. We’re always available for any consultation at any time.

Helpful Nighttime Tips For The Improved Oral Hygiene

Do you dream of spotless and pearly white teeth? Well, who does not? Of course, it’s possible if you pay a little more attention than just brushing the teeth. Oral health is the major factor that usually becomes the hurdle between you and your dream of pearly white teeth. A poor oral hygiene not only affects your teeth but your health miserably.  Bad oral hygiene can lead to diabetes, heart-related problems, lung infection and can create a complication during pregnancy. Hence, maintaining a good oral hygiene can help you stay healthier by reducing the risk of numerous disease.Oral Hygiene

A good hygiene includes some important nighttime tips, which you must follow. 8 hours is a long time and bacteria present in your mouth know it well. During your sleeping hours, the bacteria gather on your teeth and cause serious problems like plaque, tartar. and cavity. If you don’t want such problems (which is obvious) and pay a heavy amount to a Dentist for the treatment, you have to follow the below mentioned Nighttime tips.

Here are the tips you should follow before going to bed:


You must have heard from your parents or elders or teachers in the school to brush your teeth before bed. This is not hard to understand why they used to say so. The food and drinks you take throughout the day, make a perfect environment for bacterial growth in your oral cavity, so it is indeed important to brush your teeth at night. Brushing teeth before bed reduces the bacterial attack and prevent problems like plaque, cavity, gum disease, decay and more.

Right Technique

If you brush regularly, but not doing it in the right motion, there is not any benefit. For a good oral health, using the right technique is equally important. The proper technique is to brush the teeth in the circular motion, back and forth in the short strokes. First, brush the outer surface and then the inner surface of the teeth, and then chewing surfaces. Stroke up and down in a gentle manner to brush the backs of front teeth.Right Technique For Oral Hygine

Use Electric Brush

What makes an electric brush different from a regular brush? The rotating and oscillating head. An electric brush removes plaque from the teeth more effectively. Make sure you buy the electric brush which is easy to use and has a rotatable head.


Don’t leave the entire job to brushing only. Flossing is the best way to get rid of the plaque between the teeth and keep them in a good condition. You should do flossing once in a day, and bedtime is considered the best. Many people have the confusion, whether the flossing should be done before or after brushing. Let us tell you, it hardly makes any difference. If you really are particular and want to know, flossing before brushing is more effective. Floss eliminates the particles, and debris stuck between the teeth and brushing can remove it away.

Use a mouthwash

Besides fresh breath, mouthwash help removing bacteria and strengthen the teeth. Here we are not talking about the commercial mouthwash, which only is designed to cover the bad breath. Using a therapeutic mouthwash can heal several oral problem and remove the bad breath as well.

Be Regular with Dental Check-Ups

Regular Dental CheckupsBeing regular with your dentists for checkups can help maintain your oral health in the long run. Preventive care that you receive by the dentist is also needed for a good oral hygiene.

Local Dentist

If you are in the search of the best local dentist services, Eve Dental Center can be the best bet. Now, end your search for Dentist Clyde,  Dentist Cranbourne North, at us and get the affordable and world-class dentist services. The doctors we have at the center are highly experienced and cooperative, offer the best treatments.

How Oral Health Impacts Overall Health?

Oral health not only takes care of your teeth and gums, but it can also have a long-term impact on your health.

Various studies have revealed that people with a gum disease are more probable to be suffering from a chronic condition like that of diabetes or heart disease.

Although we have acknowledged the connection between your oral hygiene and the body, there still are various questions as to how your oral health affects your body.

Let’s see in detail how your oral health can have a long-term impact on overall health.

Your Mouth Is a Window to Reveal Your Overall Health Condition

Dentist Cranbourne

It’s a fact that your mouth is a window that reflects the various conditions of your health. Often a health issue may appear first in the form of mouth blisters or other conditions in the mouth.

Often the saliva samples from the mouth are collected to be tested to determine health conditions.

The saliva itself is a defense against many infections as it has immune defending characteristics.


Health conditions impacted by oral health

  • Respiratory Conditions

An important health condition related to oral health is the respiratory condition itself. If your gums are not in a good condition, chances are high that it may lead to respiratory infections, lung disorders, and even pneumonia.

The fact that the mouth and the internal respiratory system are connected is a good explanation how oral infections can affect the respiratory system eventually.

  • Dementia

Poor oral health can become a detrimental factor for brain conditions as well. Often bacteria from gingivitis may find their way through blood or nerve endings to reach the brain.

This might trigger serious health conditions including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

Further, poor oral health can trigger heart-related issues as well. Infection in gums can travel through the bloodstream to affect the arteries and harden them.

This might result in Atherosclerosis. Inner walls of the arteries get thickened due to the deposition of plaque thus compromising the blood flow and making way for heart attacks and strokes.

The internal lining of the heart may get inflamed and infected thus giving way to a condition called endocarditis.

expert dentist in cranbourne

  • Diabetic problems

Poor oral health can also impact your diabetic condition adversely. People suffering from diabetes may also become more vulnerable to oral health issues.

It’s very important and advisable that proper oral health care must be done to control diabetic conditions.

Ways to Take Care of Overall Health with Good Oral Health

It’s obvious that oral health and hygiene means overall health care along with good oral health.

The following steps must be taken to ensure good oral health which will impact overall health in a positive way:

  • Brush your teeth regularly twice a day and in a proper manner
  • Make it a point to floss regularly
  • Use a good mouthwash with antibacterial ingredients
  • Get a regular dental checkup done at regular intervals

Keep these things in mind and take care of your oral health for an overall well-being.

A Checklist For Your Next Dental Visit

All set for your dental visit? But, before you visit your dentist in cranbourne, it is essential that you take care of few things. We understand that visiting a dentist can be stressful for various people.

Thus, to keep the things simple and straight, it’s very important that you do proper research work before settling down for the right dentist. Here are a few things that you should take care of:

  • Do proper research

It is highly recommended to visit a dentist only after conducting proper research. You should take reviews from your family and friends about dental care clinics they would like to recommend. Usually, happy and satisfied patients will recommend places which will be promising to provide a good experience.

Further, dental care clinics must be able to give a complete good feeling. The ambiance provided, the medical team and the level of courtesy the staff will greet you with should be overwhelming. You can eventually shortlist the clinics and also check online to get a broader idea.

Dentist Cranbourne

  • Check the list of services provided

You should check the services provided by the dental clinic. You must check online and re-check with someone you know who has visited the clinic.

This is to ensure that what is advertised is followed as well. The most important services to check are – Crowns, veneers and bonding, cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, dentures and dental implants, preventive services, teeth whitening, and fillings.

  • The ambiance and environment

You must find out how the environment which means how the staff and their behavior are is, whether they are co-operative and courteous and whether things are done on time.

Many people feel scared and anxious to make dental appointments. The environment in dental clinics must, therefore, be friendly and warm so that you feel relaxed and positive.

The dentist must have a gregarious nature and must be an expert too.

  • Check the dentists available

Dental checkups and care can be done in most painless manner and least time if the dentist is an expert and experience.

Check the available dentists and their expertise. It’s also important how successful the dental job is being done so that the visit doesn’t become a recurring hassle.

Many unsatisfied patients complain that even after spending a lot the crown might have come off too soon or the fill up isn’t working well. Therefore, ensure that the dental care staff are up to mark and reliable.

Required Traits in an Ideal Dentist

expert dentist services

  • Popularity

The dentist should be popular among his patients; this single trait will sum up a lot more.

  • Experience and expertise

The experience and expertise matters which must be checked beforehand.

  • Approachable and friendly

The dentist must have a friendly and approachable nature and should be willing to answer your queries.

  • Make you feel comfortable

The dentist must be able to make the dental process comfortable for you.

Keep these things in mind while planning your next dental visit.