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When Can A Tooth Extraction Treatment Become Necessary?

Our teeth help us in a lot of ways, without them we can not enjoy delicious or nutrition rich meal, but sometimes our teeth becomes weak and deceased. At this point your dentist will recommend you to have a tooth extraction. In this treatment an infected tooth is pulled apart from the jaw bone, in order to stop the infection further.

Local anesthesia is given to the patient to make the procedure not painful. However, there are other cases as well when your Best Dentist in Berwick would recommend you to have the tooth extraction treatment. Suc cases are:

  • Severe tooth decay or trauma.
  • To alleviate crowding.
  • Baby teeth removal to make space for permanent teeth.
  • Incase of wisdom teeth.
  • Certain gum disease.
  • To facilitate dentures.
Dental Treatment Services
Dental Treatment Services

Here are Common Symptoms Which Makes The Dentist to Perform The Tooth Extraction.

We all have bacteria in our mouth, some are good and some are bad, some types of bacteria produces acid this acid dissolves the enamel. Thus, the more the consistency of acid, the more tooth decay will occur inside the mouth. When all the bacteria combines together, they develop a layer of plaque on the surface of the tooth, if it’s not cleaned by brushing or flossing, the acid dissolves the mineral crystal present on the surface which makes the tooth enamel. As a result of this small hole starts to develop on the tooth, which is also known as cavities and tooth decay starts to occur. This can lead to minot to severe dental problems and if not treated, it can infect the teeth which leads to tooth extraction.

What Happens During The Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Tooth extraction is a very common procedure in dentistry. The procedure is not that complex, however, the procedure requires examination. If the damage is not severe, your dentist may recommend root canal or some other dental treatment to stop the infection from further spreading. But if there is no other option available, the last resort is tooth extraction.

During the procedure your dentist or oral surgeon may or may not give you an antibiotic, depending on the circumstances. Afterwards, the dentist will make the area numb using local anaesthetic, then he will perform the further procedure.

In case if the tooth is wisdom teeth, then he will first remove gum and bone tissue covering to carefully remove the tooth from jaw bone and ligaments. Forcep is used to gently remove the tooth, he will move the tooth back and forth to loosen it then remove it. Dentist may also do self dissolving stitches to close the gum over the extraction area, he may also place a bone graft in order to safeguard the socket, which can be used later to replace the natural tooth with a dental implant or to support a denture or partial denture.

Best Dentist Service
Best Dentist Service

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Food Items Which Children Should Avoid To Maintain Healthy Teeth?

Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth
Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Maintaining good oral health can save your kid’s teeth from cavities. By brushing twice daily is the best way to save your kid’s teeth from cavities so keep brushing and flossing to make your kid’s teeth healthy. Regular mouthwash can also be used for extra protection from cavities along with brushing and flossing. And even if by maintaining a strict oral hygiene, your kid still develops the cavities, you should keep away some food items from your child’s good oral health.

Sugary Drinks And Soda

  • These drinks are full of sugar which increases the sugar acid in the mouth and start the production of cavities.
  • Alternative drinks like juice or soda without water or low-fat milk can be used.

Burger And Fries

  • Burger and fries have a good friend which is contributing a huge part in the offence of tooth decay.
  • The ketchup is the main culprit and contributing in the tooth decay.

    Tooth Decay
    Tooth Decay


  • The biscuits are the most common cause for tooth decay in kids and adults.
  • If you want to lower the risk of cavities, you need to take the necessary steps for limiting biscuit intake.
  • According to Dentist Clyde, the guardian needs to know, when to limit the intake of such sugar products to maintain a good oral hygiene of kids.

Chewing Gums And Mints

  • The most common misconception across the globe is “chewing gums and mints” helps in the prevention of cavities.
  • Not all kind of chewing gums and mints prevent cavities only the sugar-free ones do the trick. While this is the fact that gums stimulate the saliva production, which in turn helps washing the food particles and debris away.
  • Emergency dental care advises parents to give sugar-free chewing gums and mints after meals. As sugar gums are another cause of tooth decay.

    Chewing Gum and Mint to Prevent Cavities
    Chewing Gum and Mint to Prevent Cavities

Keep Your Kid’s Oral Health In Check Regularly

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