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The Process of Teeth Straightening

Worry about The Process of Teeth Straightening and looking for the best dentist in Cranbourne North? First, You should know about all the treatments and dental care services for your teeth. There are various types of advanced treatments for different types of dental problems. Therefore, when it comes to having straight teeth in case of patients that have misaligned and overcrowded teeth. There are many types of teeth straightening dental treatments suggested by dentist Cranbourne which provide you with straight teeth in a few steps. Well, the common thing used is the braces which keep your teeth tight and regularly put pressure on it, so as to align them properly. Also here are some tips for choosing best dentist for your dental care – Sorts of Dental Specialists.

Teeth Straightening
Teeth Straightening

In case, for the ones who are not aware of the procedure of teeth straightening.

Then given Below Information Provides you with make you know about the Different Stages of Teeth Straightening which are as Follows:

  • Visit a Dentist –

The is the first step that is to take advice by dentist Cranbourne. The dentist will suggest to you about the right treatment upon seeing your condition. After that, he or she will start your treatment.

  • Teeth Extraction –

This is the next step of teeth straightening in which the teeth are extracted from your mouth. The extraction of teeth is done in the case when the patient had overcrowded teeth, In this case, some of the teeth are removed so that teeth can be adjusted and come in alignment.

  • Taking Impression of the Teeth –

In this, the dentist Cranbourne take impressions of teeth. These impressions are taken so that they can make braces according to your teeth with the accurate size and length.  These impressions help to fit the right size of braces in the mouth.

  • Adjustment of Braces –

In this step, the braces which are made by the dentist are fitted in the mouth of the patient with the help of dental equipment. The patient can have fitted different types of braces in their mouth.

  • Maintenance of Braces –

After fitting of the braces this is the main step, in this, the patient had to visit regularly to the dentist and maintain the braces fitted in the mouth. In this case, dentist Cranbourne recommends to opt for dental brushes, avoiding chewing of hard foods, brush slowly 2 times a day. This is done to maintain the longevity of the braces.

  • Tightening of Braces at Regular Intervals –

This is the next thing where you have to visit the dentist weekly or monthly. The dentist will make the wire tighter so as to put pressure on teeth and forcing them to align. This is done weekly or sometimes monthly.

  • Removing of Braces –

This is the last step in which dentist remove your braces. They can remove your braces after six months or after one year; as it depends on the condition of the patient. Therefore, the braces are only removed after when the Teeth Whitening become aligned.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Hire The Professionals

There are various steps given above,  followed in the process of teeth straightening. Therefore, if one is looking for having the braces then can contact Eve Dental Centre which provide the best teeth straightening treatments with the help of a highly experienced dentist.