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Various Procedures For Oral Health

It is much imperative to maintain better oral health for the general health of a person. The oral health includes the dental and other related issues which need to be taken care regularly. Due to the change of various eating habits and regular consumption of sweet items one needs focus on the good health of gums and teeth which otherwise can start decaying and hence the roots of the teeth can be weakened. The prime objective of improved oral health remains to do away with or stop accumulation or formation of tartar as well as a plaque. In addition to putting a check on periodontal disease and dental caries, and reduce the occurrence of halitosis.


In order to apply tooth bonding of composite nature forms a restorative method in which is utilized composite resin—plastic—matching with the color of the enamel so that to carry out repair of teeth that turn out to be decayed, fractured, discolored or chipped. It is possible to close off tooth gaps. Dissimilar to veneers in which work is done in a laboratory, bonding can be undertaken in the office of a dentist.


Braces constitute a dental device that can be utilized to correct crooked teeth or alignment and problems concerned with a bite which are of overbite or can be of underbite nature etc. With the help of braces, teeth can be straightened by exercising steady sort of pressure on them – teeth.

Bridges and Implants

These two procedures form a method of replacing any missing tooth or can be teeth. Bridges form a sort of false teeth put in place with the help of neighboring teeth. The bridge comprises two crowns given over anchoring teeth having in the center the false tooth. Besides, dental implants can be said to be artificial roots that are utilized to hold teeth that are replaced by an expert dentist.

Crowns and Caps

Crown can be said to be a sort of dental restoration used to safeguard cracked, broken, and damaged teeth. These crowns are called as caps also that cover the whole of the tooth over the gums.


A tooth that is badly damaged may require extraction. Given to orthodontic treatment permanent teeth sometimes need extraction.


Dentures can be said to be prosthetic devices in order to replace lost teeth. Dentures are found in two kinds full as well as partial. Full dentures are also called false teeth.

Fillings and Repairs

In this procedure are utilized restorative materials to restore the teeth affected by trauma or cavities.

Gum Surgery

Gum disease or periodontal disease is a condition of infection in which jaw bone and gums are affected. It can cause loss of teeth and gum. In it are found two main stages as periodontitis and gingivitis. Gingivitis is a kind of mild one and can be reversed. The periodontal disease tends to be severe. In a number of cases, surgery of gums is carried out to reverse the disease.