Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There are four wisdom teeth out of our total thirty-two teeth. The size of wisdom teeth is larger than the rest of the teeth and infection or decay of wisdom teeth is often painful. Your dentist will only ever recommend the extraction of your wisdom teeth if the teeth show no potential in erupting from the gum area, as this could lead to Pericoronitis, a particular bacterial infection associated with wisdom teeth. Severe decay has rendered the tooth invalid, requiring immediate removal.


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Why is Wisdom Teeth Extraction required?

There are the following reasons why you need Wisdom Teeth Extractions:

  • Infection in Gums: When wisdom teeth are coming out from gum, some bacterias can grow in the spaces between gum and wisdom teeth and cause infection in gum resulting in swelling, aches, and fever.
  • Formation of Cyst: Pressure caused by wisdom teeth can sometimes lead to teeth misalignment and form cyst and causes fain to the jaw.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extractions:

  • Decrease the chance of gum diseases
  • Reduce teeth misalignment
  • Fewer days require for recovery
  • No formation of Cyst

Post-treatment measures

There is some measure to follow after your wisdom tooth extraction. You should do any type of physical activity for at least 24 hours of the treatment. Avoid consumption of any type of cigarettes or beverages. You should rinse your mouth gently with the warm water. As with other forms of tooth extraction, patients may feel pain or discomfort after the removal of wisdom teeth. This will vary, however, depending on the angle of the tooth and how hard it was to remove the tooth due to its difficult to access position. Your dentist will advise you on how best to reduce the discomfort and swelling that will result in days after the procedure has taken place. Most circumstances require the use of standard painkillers, which you can obtain over the counter. A further appointment will be necessary for the dentist to monitor the healing process and remove stitches that are used to allow the area to heal.