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denturesDentures are effectively replacement teeth, and can be removed from the mouth at any time. They can be made out of either an acrylic material or cobalt chrome, with the “teeth” fitted into these materials. They can aid with speech impediments, chewing, provide vital support for your lips and jaw and also offer an attractive smile.

There are two types of common dentures, of which are:

  • Partial dentures, which specifically replace missing teeth
  • Full dentures, which are an entire fitting of either the upper or lower sections or the entire mouth with these replacement teeth

Your new dentures can be kept in place either through a series of clasps, which form an anchor around existing teeth, or by the suction generated by the denture application. Some circumstances will require a fixative to keep the dentures in place.

We specifically tailor all of our dentures to your requirements, designing and manufacturing them ourselves.

Tooth loss can cause emotions such as sadness etc. You may lose your self-confidence and try to hide socially you may stop smiling publically. So, no more worry about this problem here you can get your confidence level back by visiting us to have our worthy treatment. 

Denture Information

Upon consultation whether dentures are the best option for you, your dentist will determine the specific requirements of your mouth and the suitability of dentures, with particular reference to:

  • Existing teeth, checking to see whether extraction will be needed to fit the dentures in
  • Examining the health of any existing restorations, fillings or crowns
  • Examining the health of your gums, ensuring that any infections will not hinder the process
  • The mechanism of your jawline, to perfectly sculpt the dentures to your normal movements and current tooth shape
  • Detecting whether there are any underlying bone fragments

The entire process will be explained to you thoroughly, ensuring that you are aware of what is required and the costs involved.

In certain circumstances, an immediate denture will be required. This procedure involves extracting a problematic tooth and immediately fitting you with a replacement tooth. After this procedure, it is advisable that you visit us again within three to six months time to have the denture adjusted or completely replaced.

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The Procedure

We find that, from consultation to fitting, denture procedures will normally take up to four appoints. These appointments will detail:

  1. Moulds will be taken of the upper and lower sections of your mouth. We then send these to our dental technician, who will make an undertray that will perfectly shape around your existing mouth and gums. We will also use a wax block to document the way your teeth clench together
  2. Moulds will once again be used, utilising the undertray produced from your prior consultation. We do this to provide only the most accurate denture that will fit your mouth and gums. We will then consult with our dental technician, who will ensure that your dentures fit your mouth perfectly
  3. Your dentures will be tested in your mouth to ensure that they fit your mouth correctly, are comfortable and that your bite is consistent with the moulds taken previously. Any necessary adjustments will be carried out at this time
  4. Your dentures, having been extensively tested, are now ready for use!
Your Dentures

Dentures usually take a while to get used to, and any discomfort or soreness in the first few hours is quite common. If the dentures were partially fitted to the upper section of your mouth, you may have difficulty with speech. This is a normal reaction to your tongue getting used to having the dentures in place, and is important that you do not remove them during this formative time.

Should your dentures still be causing pain or discomfort after 24 hours, contact us immediately as your dentures may need slight corrections.

Maintaining your Dentures

Denture maintenance is vital in ensuring the longevity of your new dentures. Try to rinse your dentures after meals wherever possible and brush twice a day with either regular toothpaste or soapy water to ensure they are clean at all times. Dentures can only be worn when you are awake, and must be removed at night time to ensure the gums rest appropriately.

Resting your gums will ensure that they remain healthy and minimise the potential for discomfort from abrasion to occur. Your dentures should always be sterilised with a specific denture solution during this time, and its vital that you rinse or brush your dentures prior to placing them back into your mouth.

It is important that you regularly check back with us, regardless of the presence of any natural teeth, so that we can monitor whether there have been any changes to your gums or mouth. We also check your tongue, cheeks and throat for any infections that could lead to serious consequences.

Should your dentures have stains that you cannot remove, or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 03-5996-9197. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to help.

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