Are you having multiple teeth missing? If yes, then be ready to regain the appearance of your teeth with dentures. Eve Dental Care provides customized dentures which gives you the confidence to eat and smile.


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About Dentures

Nowadays, due to the advancement in technologies dentures look more natural and are even more comfortable. Dentures are basically the replacement of teeth and can be removed anytime. These dentures are available in different formats as per suitable to the client’s needs. Moreover, they are affordable if we compare them to other tooth replacement options.

Types of Dentures

After evaluation of your mouth, we will be discussing what type of denture will be suitable for an individual. Here are a few different types of dentures which depend on the number of teeth missing and most importantly, depending on oral hygiene:

  • Full Dentures: The set of complete dentures are for those who have no teeth remaining on the upper as well as the lower jaw. So, their teeth can be replaced with dentures.
  • Partial Dentures: Missing a few teeth? A partial set of dentures is fitted in a mouth. To preserve your natural and existing teeth we fill the gaps with the partial dentures.

Why dentures are needed?

There are various reasons why a person needs a denture. Here are some of the points given below:

  • Periodical Disease: Periodical diseases are basically caused in gums and due to the spreading of infections in the gums it weakens the structure that supports teeth. This leads to tooth extractions and develops the need for dentures.
  • Dental Cavities: A basic dental cavity can become so serious that it can lead to the extraction of teeth even. The alternative recommended by most of the dentists is to fit the denture after the completion of this procedure.
  • Facial Sagging: One of the most important functions of teeth is to support the facial months. Therefore, when the teeth go missing it develops the need for dentures as they face can sag. The denture fitting helps in regaining the face look.
  • Speaking & Chewing Problem: Missing teeth creates many issues while speaking and chewing. You can notice that even a single tooth missing from the mouth creates problems while speaking. The denture fitting may take time to adjust in the mouth but will eventually help in better speaking and chewing.

Maintenance of Your Dentures

Maintenance of the dentures is obviously necessary to ensure the longevity of the dentures. You must rinse your dentures after meals wherever possible and brush twice a day with either regular toothpaste or soapy water to ensure they are clean at all times. Dentures can only be worn when you are awake and must be removed at night time to ensure the gums rest appropriately. Resting your gums will ensure that they remain healthy and minimize the potential for discomfort from abrasion to occur. Your dentures should always be sterilized with a specific denture solution and it’s vital that you rinse or brush your dentures prior to placing them back into your mouth. It is important that you regularly check back with us, regardless of the presence of any natural teeth, so that we can monitor whether there have been any changes to your gums or mouth. We also check your tongue, cheeks, and throat for any infections that could lead to serious consequences. Are your dentures having stains or can’t be removed? Or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call the dentists at 03-5996-9197. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to help you.