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What is Causing You Toothache?

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Watch out if you’re reading this and has a toothache you must act fast after reading this article. Throughout our lifespan at some point in our life, we all have to deal with a toothache. While tooth decay is not certain but it’s highly possible, if untreated. There is a straight cause behind the toothaches. However, there may be an underlying illness as well, to confirm you must have to consult with a dentist.

The beginning of tooth decay starts with toothache like pain while chewing, throbbing, stabbing or jabbing sensation along with soreness. If you have these symptoms, you’re at the risk of tooth decay. Ignoring the pain for long can increase the chances of gum problems and decay spreading to other teeth. 

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Here We will Try to Help You With Diagnosing your Toothache

Cause Of Toothache:

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth fracture
  • Abscessed tooth
  • A damaged filling
  • Infected gums
  • Teeth grinding

Common Symptoms Of Toothache:

  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Sharp throbbing, stabbing or jabbing pain
  • Foul-tasting drainage from the infected tooth
  • Fever or headache

There are various underlying problems behind a toothache, to diagnose correction you need help from professionals. However, to have an idea, read the paragraphs below.

When You Should Go to A Dentist For Consultation?

Go see a dentist immediately if,

  • The toothache persists for more than two days.
  • The pain is unbearable.
  • You have toothache and earache simultaneously.
  • When it hurts while opening mouth wide.

Proper diagnosis and treatment are very important to prevent decay or infection from spreading further.

What to Expect in The Consultation With Dentist?

Your dentist will first collect your medical history and conduct a physical exam for diagnosis. The Dentist will ask you questions about the pain, such as when the pain started, how intense it is, in which area you feel the pain more, what makes the pain worse, and what makes it better. Your dentist will check your lips, teeth, gums, eyes, tongue, lungs, sinuses, ears, nose, and chest. Your doctor will take X-rays and maybe run other tests, depending on what your dentist finds during the consultation.

Treatments For Toothache

Treatment depends on the cause of a toothache. If the toothache is caused by cavities, your dentist will fill the cavity or, if necessary, extract the tooth. If the cause of a toothache is known to be an inflammation of the nerve of the tooth, a root canal may be required. This contamination was caused by bacteria that worked their way into the internal parts of the tooth. If there is a fever or swelling of the jaw, an antibiotic may be prescribed. To stop toothache from suitable a recurring problem, you should take good care of your teeth with a proper oral hygiene routine.

Dentist Care Service
Dentist Care Service

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