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How To Keep Cavity From Getting Worse?

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Who doesn’t want to flaunt a healthy and beautiful smile? We all do, but not all of us are able to!

Dental cavity and caries are some of the most common dental issues today, in spite of being preventive in nature. As per research, on average, adults between 20 and 64 years of age have 3.28 decayed or missing teeth!

This is whopping and needs immediate attention.

So, What is Tooth Decay?

There are cases when the protective layer of the teeth called enamel gets destroyed due to bacterial infections. Not only this, but various acids usually found in the food also tend to damage the enamel.

As this protective layer gets destroyed, the bacteria are exposed to gums and even the bone, making small holes resulting in a lot of pain and a cavity you can check What Helps With Tooth Pain for some relief. This entire process is termed “tooth decay”.

As a matter of fact, tooth decay should be checked as soon as possible because it can affect the other teeth as well. Also, if not treated at the right time, it might have an adverse effect on the blood vessels and the nerves present in the gums.

As a preventive method, one should be careful in advance and take proper care of their oral health. This includes brushing the teeth twice a day, regular flossing, and rinsing the mouth after every meal.

How to Prevent and Control Cavity from Becoming Severe?

In cases where the bacteria has affected your enamel, try to keep the cavity from taking the worst form. This can be done by the following easy steps mentioned below-

  • To start with, look for the symptoms of the cavity and brush that particular area well

Pain while eating anything, or tooth sensitivity are a few symptoms that indicate the presence of bacteria. Once you spot any of these symptoms, rush to your dentist and get it cured at the initial stage only.

  • You can use a fluoride treatment

As a DIY method- one should brush their teeth twice a day properly. If you see any infestation of bacteria, pay special attention to the affected area and brush it properly.

How to Prevent and Control Cavity

Fluoride is an anti-bacterial chemical, which has the ability to cut down the multiplying capacity of the bacteria. Thus, it is highly recommended to use fluoride or sodium fluoride-rich toothpaste.

But it is always to fix regular dental appointments in case of any uneasiness in your teeth. Sometimes, stronger products can have side effects on your gums.

Additionally, you can also opt for a fluoride-rich mouth wash. But, make sure it is approved by the medical authorities.

  • Water can do miraclesThis is an established fact that a dry mouth can accelerate the process of tooth decay. So, keep your mouth moist, in order to slow down the multiplying process of the bacteria.Also, rinsing your mouth with water after every meal proves beneficial as it removes all the food particles stuck in between your teeth.
  • Chew gum, but the one with xylitol content in itXylitol is alcohol, which occurs naturally and is found in plants. Xylitol has anti-bacterial properties and can prevent the infection caused by the bacteria.A gum that contains about 1-15 grams of Xylitol proves helpful in killing the bacteria that can cause cavity and tooth decay. If you see any symptoms of tooth decay, then it is highly recommended to chew 1-2 gums in a day.
  • This can prove helpful in slowing down the growth of bacteria. Also, chewing gums produce a lot of salivae which helps to clean and wash away the food particles and in turn keeps your enamel stronger.
  • It is better to avoid refined sugarThe major cause of the cavity in the teeth is bacteria which multiply rapidly in an acidic environment. The sugar content found in the dental plaque is the main fuel for the bacteria. This is the reason why you are advised to have limited sweets and beverages. Foods that have high starch content like potatoes, pasta, white bread, and the like must be avoided in the case of tooth decay.

Final Words

Thus, if you or anyone in your acquaintance is suffering from any problem related to tooth decay, it is highly recommended to follow the above-mentioned methods. These methods would hamper the growth of cavity-causing germs and would even help you reverse the damage.

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